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Yanthras :

The Sanskrit word yanthra (derives from the root yam) meaning to sustain, hold or support the energy inherent in a particular element, object, or concept.

Mystic yanthras are an amalgam of three principles: The formed principle (Ākriti – Rupā), the functional principle (Kriya – Rupā), and the power principle (Sakti- Rupā). The yanthras reveal the inner basis of the forms and shapes abounding the universe. Whatever the outer structure, all matter is made up of an intrinsic basic unity, the atom, so each aspect of the world can be seen in its structural form as yanthra. As the scientist sees the final picture of the world in orderly, simple, atomic structures, the Indian mystics seek to identify the innermost structure of the universe by concentrating the world appearance into simple form equations. A yanthra is an ultimate form – equation of a specific energy manifesting in the world. Every yanthra is a sacred enclosure for the Ishtha Devata. A deity’s yanthra may bear no resemblance to the iconographic image (moorthi), whose proportions and human attributes are fixed by the traditional images. The yanthra is a transform (Parā– Rupā), its abstract translation. A yanthra retains the sense, spirit, and energy of the deity (like a DNA code).

Inseparable from the yanthras are the subtle vibrations which help to intensify their power. These sound elements are often represented by letters and scribed on the yanthra, and in principle all yanthras are associated with mystic combinations of Sanskrit letters. The inner dynamics of the yanthra can never be understood in isolation from the system of sound dynamics, as the two combine to make up the complete (definition) of the divine.

There should be a proper awareness about Yantras. The yanthras available in shops/market are just a materials and it should be placed for suitable poojas and then only to start its use. After performing the concerned homam/poojas yantras are getting positive power,inturn which eliminates the difficulties and problems in human life.

For example sree Durga Homam or pooja leads us to prosperity (brings aiswaryam through new creation of wealth ) and it makes stability for coming generations.

Name of the Yanthra


Shri Yanthra : For Wealth
Vashikaran Yanthra : For Love, Attraction
Baglamukhi Yanthra : For Protection, Victory over Enemies
Kuber Yanthra : For Wealth & Money
Brihaspati Yanthra : For Jupiter Planet
Bhairon Yanthra : For Remove the effects of black magic
Lakshmi Prapti Yanthra : For Wealth, Happiness and Success
Bhudha Yanthra : For Mercury Planet
Chandra Yanthra : For Moon Planet
Kanakdhara Lakshmi Yanthra : For Wealth, to win unexpected wealth
Ambaji Yanthra : For Attaining desires, remove difficulties and conquer
Durga Bisa Yanthra : For Wealth & Property
Navgurga Yanthra : For Business, Rid of business & personal problems
Ganesha Yanthra : For Good Luck, For success in work & business
Gayatri Yanthra : For Education, protects from enemies
Hanuman Yanthra : For Protection, For business success
Kaalsarp Yanthra : For reduces the ill-effects of the Kaalsarpa Yoga
Vaibhav Lakshmi Yanthra : For business, Rid of business & personal problems
Lakshmi Narayan Yanthra : For Good Luck and Wealth
Mahadurga Yanthra : For Wealth and Prosperity
Karya siddhi Yanthra : For Business, All round Success
Ketu Yanthra : For Ketu Planet, Success in Business
Lakshmi Narayan Yanthra : For Good Luck and Wealth
Mahakali Yanthra : For Overcoming Enemies
Mahalakshmi Yanthra : For Good Luck and Wealth
Mahamritunjay Yanthra : For Health and Long Life
Mangal Yanthra : For Mars Planet
Lagan Yog Yanthra : For Good Luck and Marriage
Meru Yanthra : For Money & Prosperity
Rahu Yanthra : For Rahu Planet
Ram Raksha Yanthra : For Protection
Bhagya Vardhak Yanthra : For Good Luck and Success in politics
Santan Gopal Yanthra : For Getting a child and a safe progeny
Maha Sudarshan Yanthra : For Protection
Saraswati Yanthra : For Education, develops & increases the knowledge
Sani Yanthra : For Shani (Saturn) Planet
Shiva Yanthra : For Protection from Evil
Shubh Labh Yanthra : For Business, Increase income & Profit
Shukra Yanthra : For Shukra (Venus) Planet
Surya Yanthra : For Surya (sun) Planet
Vahana Durghatna Yanthra : For Protection from accidents, For Health
Vaastu Devta Yanthra : For Good Luck, Remove ill-effects of Vaastu
Bhoot Pret Nivaran Yanthra : For Protection, Rid of Ghosts and Evil Spirits
Vyapara Vridhdhi Yanthra : For Business, Increase in Business Profits
Navagraha Yanthra : For Nine Planets
Mukadama Vijayi Yanthra : For Win court cases
Nazar Nivaran Yanthra : For Protection
Vishnu Yanthra : For Success, Health, Family, Wealth
Sri Saibaba Yanthra : For Health, wealth and all round prosperity
Vidya Dayak Yanthra : For Education
Badha Mukti Yanthra : For Protection, Victory over Enemies
Rog Nashak Yanthra : For Happiness, Free from Fear of Ghosts
Kanakadhara Yanthra : For Wealth, Win Unexpected Wealth
Shatru Nashak Yanthra : For Protects from Accidents and Enemies
Meru Chakra Yanthra : For Business, Increase in Profit
Vaastu Dosh Nivaran Yanthra : For Good Luck, Remove ill-effects of Vaastu

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